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If you’ve begun to explore your BMW end-of-lease options, be sure to speak to the talented team at BMW of Sudbury. Our BMW dealership near Framingham, MA, can walk you through all of your BMW lease-end options, and can ensure that you’re able to continue driving your BMW or able to easily upgrade your ride. Whether you want to schedule your courtesy pre-inspection, ask about purchasing your BMW or simply want to turn in your leased BMW, BMW of Sudbury is here for you.

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When is the best time to start exploring my BMW end-of-lease options?

The optimal time to start preparing for the end of your BMW lease is between 90-120 days prior to your lease maturation date. There are several programs available right now for you to choose from if you want to secure a newer BMW.

Q: What are the benefits of leasing a BMW again?

Returning BMW lease customers will see their $350 disposition fee waived when entering a new lease or loan with BMW Financial Services. The security deposit will be waived as well (with approved credit).

Q: What if I want to purchase my leased BMW?

Contact our Pre-Owned Manager, Marc Huaman, at (877) 203-5102 or to schedule a VIP Appointment.

Do I have to return my BMW lease to the dealer I leased it from?

No. It doesn’t matter where you leased your BMW from -- you can return it to BMW of Sudbury. Whether you leased your luxury car from us or from a different dealership, BMW of Sudbury can help you with your lease return options.

Q: I still have time on my lease, but I may need more miles. How can I obtain them?

You can purchase additional miles at a discount rate if they are purchased prior to your lease being 120 days from its lease termination date. If you would like to purchase more miles you may contact BMW Financial Services at 800-578-5000.

Q: What if I am interested in re-leasing my BMW? How do I proceed?

You can obtain a re-lease quote by contacting BMW Financial Services within the last 60 days of the lease for various terms.

Q: I may have damages that exceed the normal limit of wear and tear. Where should I go from here?

It is in your best interest to contact a Sales Manager to schedule a pre-inspection for your leased BMW. This can help you avoid charges at the end of the lease.

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If you have any additional questions, please reach out and contact BMW of Sudbury. Whether you want to renew your BMW lease or simply turn in your BMW, we’re here to help.

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